Thomasville Community Landmarks Trail

An Introduction

The Thomasville Community Landmarks Trail is a non-motorized multi-use trail planned to
link Thomasville’s major city parks and historic districts. Designed to accommodate
pedestrians and bicyclists, the trail will serve the dual role as a recreational amenity
and provide a connection to both active and passive recreational opportunities within
Thomasville. Consisting of 14.43miles, the trail will pass through a variety of
environments as it courses through various locales and spaces. From tree-lined city
streets to natural woodland paths, the user will experience the best of Thomasville’s
rich heritage.

The trail will begin at the Steven’s Street Trailhead, a newly constructed park located
within the historic Commercial Business District. The proposed amenities in the park
include a fountain along Jackson Street,  a pedestrian plaza, amphitheater, children’s
splash ground and trailhead pavilion containing restrooms,  a water fountain and
directional information. From the trailhead and park, the trail begins on a journey
linking Thomasville’s parks and historic districts.

Although the total length of the trail is 14.27 miles, the user is given the option
of dividing the trail two segments.  Beginning at the Steven’s Street Trailhead,
the northern segment consists of 9.13 miles, and the southern segment consists
of 6.15 miles. The trail directly links a total of nine of Thomasville’s major parks
together, with the other parks only a short distance off the trail.  Historic resources
along the trail include 7 unique historic districts and 27historic or note-worthy structures.

The construction material and physical design of the trail should remain in context
with, and respond to the natural and built environment in which the trail is located.
Therefore, various proposed cross-sections of the trail are illustrated in the
following sub-sections so that the existing features and contextual environments may
be recognized. In addition to illustrating the entire trail network, the following sub-sections
address wayfinding and signage, historic resources to be found along or nearby the
trail, and suggested plant material to be used within the parks and at rest stations.
Section C of this publication illustrates the trail within the proposed construction phases.
Various points of interest, such as park entrances and street crossings are illustrated
and explained in detail.