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Event » MALLORY LEWIS and LAMB CHOP “A Lamb Chop Celebration” presented by Thomasville Entertainment Foundation and Thomasville Center for the Arts


Generations have grown up with Lamb Chop — the sassy sock puppet who debuted on “Captain Kangaroo” in 1957, coming to life on the hand of ventriloquist Shari Lewis.  Lewis died in 1998, and after a brief career hiatus, Lamb Chop went back to work, this time sharing the spotlight with Shari’s daughter, Mallory Lewis.  The high-energy show, filled with music, comedy and audience participation, resonates with audiences from toddlers to seniors who grew up watching Lamb Chop on television.  In a workshop following the performance, children may make their own sock puppets to take home. For more information call 229-226-7404 or visit

Location: Thomasville Center for the Arts, 600 E. Washington St., Thomasville, GA
Category: Events and Festivals
Time: 10:00 am
Contact Name: Thomasville Entertainment Foundation
Contact Phone: 229-226-7404
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